Paul and Marty Law

Our Work in the Congo

Evangelism and Teaching

A primary focus of the ministry of Paul and Marty Law in Central Congo is public evangelism and teaching of the Word of God. In God's providence Paul grew up in this area and is a "mother tongue" speaker of the Otetela language which he is able to use effectively in communicating the gospel.

Adoration in Brazzaville Evangelism/Teaching

Whether in large public gatherings or in small village settings, opportunities present themselves to share the love of God and the "Good News" of Jesus Christ. Meetings vary depending on the kind of place that is available: at times it is in large facilities while at others it might be in a collapsing village church or even under shade trees in the open air!

Prayer Open Air

The evangelistic outreach of the Laws and their co-workers include Seminars, Camp-meetings, Revivals, regular Church services as well as open air showings of the "Jesus" film.

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