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"Jesus" Film Project

In the 1996 Paul and Marty Law had the privilege of helping with the translation of the Campus Crusades for Christ film "Jesus" into the Otetela language of Central Congo. The Atetela people number + 1,200,000 and live in hundreds of isolated villages throughout the Sankuru District.

Funds were raised and a committee was organized to do the work of producing a script. After the recording, there was much excitement over the initial viewing of the finished product. Soon the first feature film ever done in the Otetela language was available for showing throughout the area and began to have a tremendous impact. Tens of thousands of people saw the film with Jesus speaking their own language and many decided to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Usually one in ten of the viewers makes a decision to receive Christ!

In the past decade the film has not been used due to the the lack of any sustained evangelistic program in the area. The plan now is to once again make this effective tool of evangelism available to the Central Congo area. The DVD of the Otetela version, the projector, screen, sound equipment and generator have all been funded, purchased and have arrived in Lodja.

The need now is for assistance in taking the film ministry to the isolated villages along nearly impassable roads. The average cost of taking the “Jesus” film team to a village with the film equipment is $150 per trip. Whenever possible, we show the film in more than one village on extended trips of several days. Your partnership in this ministry will enable thousands to see and hear the Gospel and many to know Christ as their personal savior.

A donation of $50 per month will finance 4 viewings of the "Jesus" Film per year!

"There is no way to over-estimate the fruit of this investment in souls that will be won for eternity!"

“Jesus” Film in Otetela
Click on the Otetela language selection to view a video clip of the Otetela version of the "Jesus" film.