Paul and Marty Law

Our Work in the Congo

"Jesus" Film Ministry

In 1996 Paul and Marty had the opportunity to help translate the "Jesus" film by Campus Crusades for Christ into Otetela, the language spoken by the Atetela people. This language is spoken by more than a million people in the heart of the DR Congo, in Central Africa. Equipment has been purchased for showing this film in the rural villages of the area where the Central Congo Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has its ministry.

In conjunction with other ministries that are being carried on in that area, this film will now be used as an effective evangelistic tool in communicating the Gospel to the Atetela people. This site is where we will be reporting on that ministry with pictures and updates on the outreach and the people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

The film has proven to be a very effective evangelistic tool in many parts of the world. When the Law’s were using it a decade ago, approximately 1 in 10 of the viewers would make decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

Check back at this link for updates and pictures of this life-changing ministry.