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Pastors' School Scholarship Project Overview
How you can help...

We invite individuals and churches to commit to sponsor students in our Pastors' School here in the Congo with scholarship money for their 3 years of the training.

A scholarship of $325 per year (for 3 years) will allow us to give a student a $20 per month stipend and provide then with a bicycle and Bible when they graduate and go to their first assignment for ministry. These pastoral students are coming from great distances and have no family close by nor do they have a garden from which to feed their families. The scholarship allows them to supplement their food, buy some salt and soap and get an occasional piece of clothing.

Each scholarship makes a very significant difference in their essential living needs, and encourages them to know that the Church is willing to invest in them and their education. These students are the future of the Central Congo United Methodist Church, since this is the only institution that is training men and women for ministry in the rural areas of Central Congo. Hundreds of villages will not get pastoral leadership from anywhere else, and the generation that was trained back in the 1960’s and 1970’s is retiring. This school has been without any budget whatsoever for nearly 10 years until this past year when we began this program.

What may seem like a very small monthly investment by American standards can help prepare a young pastor for years of effective ministry to one of the many churches in the heart of Africa that otherwise would have no pastor at all. This school is vital to the future of the church in this part of the world and we are asking you to help us revitalize its ministry!

Please prayerfully consider participating in this scholarship fund. We are posting a small biography along with a photo of each student (and family) for your prayerful consideration.

3rd Year Students | 2nd Year Students | 1st Year Students

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Contact us via email if you would like to inquire further about providing a scholarship(s) for one or more students.